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A must-see

Enjoy your stay to visit the remarkable sites of the Bassin d'Arcachon
Some of the excursions will be made with the help of a boatman or with the owner (on a private excursion, maximum 7 people) to sail on the Basin, to tread the sand of the «Banc d'Arguin» and to admire the limpidity of the water at the birds island!
We offer hiking tours, to discover little known places of tourists such as "Truc de la Truque" highest place of forêt usagère the forest "usagère" of Teste de Buch with its 75 meters high. (Le Truc en Gascon means a high place, summit). These outings off the beaten track will bring you to the heart of the country of Buch.

Must see

  • The dune of the Pilat
  • The Birds Island
  • Arguin Sandbank
  • The Landes forest
  • Oyster ports
  • Arcachon old town
  • La Teste de Buch Salt meadows