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Arcachon bay

Beaches & swimming

With its 27 beaches, the Bassin d'Arcachon offers holidaymakers beaches with multiple faces.

Beach maps

  • 1
    Le Nid d'Arguin
  • 2
    Le banc d'Arguin
  • 3
    Les plages océanes
  • 4
    La dune du Pilat
  • 5
    Les plages d'Arcachon
  • 6
    L'île aux Oiseaux
  • 7
    Le lac de Cazaux
Carte des plages



Atlantic Ocean

Surfers, bodyboarders, wave lovers and an invigorating swim will choose the beaches of "Petit   Nice", "La   Lagune" or "La   Salie". If you like the great outdoors, the white sandy beach stretches as far as the eye can see.

It is a recommended place to picnic under the Scots pines and spend a whole day in nature.

An area between the Salie Nord and the Lagune is reserved for naturists. Beware of dangerous baïnes (areas of current), privilege the bathings in the zones supervised.


Arcachon Bay is a lagoon open on the Ocean, the beaches of the South Basin extend from La Hume to the Dune du Pilat passing by Arcachon.

These beaches are adjacent to the towns, often bordered by the "promenade of the sea". With numerous recreational centers for children, and a sea water of impeccable quality (we raise our oysters), small waves, it is the family beach.

Consult the tides directory for the most suitable beaches. At high tide, some beaches are almost covered by the waves.

Cazaux lake

An immense lake (second largest natural freshwater lake in France), water much warmer than the ocean, very little depth, ideal for young children and the discovery of water sports.